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Farming in the Devon and the south west? Our team of animal feed specialists advise on cattle, sheep and poultry feed, manufactured and distributed throughout Devon and the west country.


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Our specially developed range of bagged animal feeds, available throughout the UK, are nutritionally balanced to provide all of the animal nutrition benefits necessary to keep your stock healthy and productive.


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Land of Tulips and.… Grass??!

November 25, 2016

Apparently there is a land where the rainfall on average is similar to ours, as is the sunlight hours and temperature, and yet….heavens above they are able to produce consistently good forages. I know what you are thinking…..he’s got a young kid, probably reads to him about Narnia and is likely to not get much sleep, so day dreaming is […]


A Different Approach to Fertiliser

October 23, 2016

The forage department at CMC offer advice on a range of Added value fertilisers which enhance the quality of forage produced on farms from silage to maize wheat and barley and especially grazing ground there is a solution for every scenario. The Humber range incorporates the highest level of cutting edge technology which has migrated across from the amenity sector […]


Autumn Grass Management for Beef and Sheep farmers.

October 3, 2016

Autumn is an important time of year to think about taking a bit more care to manage grass to maximise animal performance, without ramping up costs. This is a fresh grass analysis taken from a customer not far from Crediton. This highlights the potential still left in fresh grass at this time or year. It is often said that grass […]


Study Tour to Wisconsin USA 2016

September 21, 2016

Study tour to Wisconsin USA 16 It has been well documented that the challenge of low dairy prices is a global one, with this in mind a group of a dozen farmers accompanied by Mark Causey, Pete Davis and John Cann from CMC travelled to Wisconsin in America to see how they were adapting to the challenges they were facing. […]

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I have been dealing with CMC for nearly twenty five years and have seen the company has develop a lot in that time.
It is pleasing to see the firm doing well and I am currently dealing with my third generation. We farm near Crediton and are pleased to be supported by a local independent Mill.

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We have been producing top quality free range eggs for twenty years and during that time Crediton Milling Company has been supplying us with high quality, fairly priced feed. Their back-up service is excellent and Russell Crang is always available with advice. It is great to deal with a company where a person and not a machine answers your call and if I have overlooked an order, they always help!


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