Animal feed in Devon and beyond

Farming in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the south west? Our team of animal feed specialists advise on cattle, sheep and poultry feed, manufactured and distributed throughout Devon and the west country.

Our specially developed range of animal feeds are nutritionally balanced to provide all the animal nutrition benefits necessary to keep your stock healthy and productive.

For the latest feed news and quality, friendly advice, tips and recommendations for your animal feed needs.

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While Dairy Farmers continue the drive for higher yields our Feed Specialists are focused on helping to improve farm efficiency.

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Attractive benefits of improving Meat and Milk yields from forage, getting more from a resource with implications on animal performance.

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Our Fordton Mill produces conventional feeds for all your poultry requirements with a range of products to suit your needs.

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As smallholders, you need the best for your animals and the team at Crediton Milling understand that and have services just for you.

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Calf feed – an unconventional approach

Over the last couple of years the importance of calf rearing has been talked about in depth.
We are all familiar with the arguments for increased levels of milk powder to ensure the best start and debate about protein levels of milk powder and the age old arguments of skim verses whey powders.


CMC Question Time 2017

This year we will be running three more events in March & April with a focus on 2017. The panel will include a milk processor, bank manager, an extensive grazer and an intensive system farmer.