What we do

From helping local farmers with feed advice and supplies and small holders working with animals we provide help and advice on all sorts of areas, from feed choices to soil quality, our on-farm advisors work very closely on all elements of farming.

We have numerous feed advisors, ruminant nutritionalists , poultry specialists and forage specialists and by working locally and providing events in the area, we’re here to listen and help.

Working with farmers

Farming in the Devon and the south west? Our team of animal feed specialists advise on cattle, sheep and poultry feed, manufactured and distributed throughout Devon and the west country.

Helping Small Holders

Our specially developed range of bagged animal feeds, available throughout the UK, are nutritionally balanced to provide all of the animal nutrition benefits necessary to keep your stock healthy and productive.


The Crediton Milling team run regular talks to help the farming community, providing knowledgable help and advice. Our events are designed to be friendly and informative with a chance to meet others in the farming sector.


Our range of feeds provides total nutrition feed options for dairy, beef, calf and sheep. But we’re not just suppliers of cattle feed, we’re here to help, too. Our Ruminant Team help with tips and advice and we’ll visit you on the farm, providing all the help you need.


Our Fordton Mill produces conventional feeds for all your poultry requirements whether you feed poultry for eggs or meat. Our Poultry Team have years of experience, helping to acheive optimum results with quality feeds just a phone call away for help and advice.


Animals perform better with improved forage and forage management and we provide the best advice and service to achieve this, by ensuring that you have the quantity and quality of forage to continue improving animal performance.

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