Sales Team

If you ask a farmer to describe CMC, we hope they say that we are a well-established and highly respected family-run feed company.

Our aim is to maintain those values but enhance our ability to deliver a more complete approach to our customers.

Our team are passionate about farming and want to use their expertise to add value to your business and make a difference. CMC fieldsmen are chosen based on a reputation of hard work and expertise. For them it isn’t a 9-5 job, it is a way of life and one they feel lucky and proud to be part of. They are all highly regarded within their field and continue to develop themselves professionally by embracing new thinking and technology, which they can then bring to your farm.

Our team continually develops professionally both individually and through the addition of new colleagues. The continued improvement of our expertise and knowledge will enable us to embrace our aim of offering a holistic approach to our customers, focusing on all facets of the farm, not just the feed.

Our team will bring knowledge, passion, understanding and the support of a great team behind them. Crediton Milling’s sales team is all-encompassing; the specialist rationing for your livestock is the figurehead for an equally determined team of people working in the background.

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