Ruminant Nutrition

Higher Yields

Our Feed Specialists at Crediton Milling are focused on helping to improve farm efficiency by helping Dairy Farmers continue the drive for higher yields. Long term profitability will be achieved by focussing on all aspects of the efficiency of a farm business, from feed & forage advice and use to financial. Focussing on the efficiencies of all aspects of a dairy business can help maximise production from farm inputs, and help protect farm profits and long-term viability.

Dairy Feeds

Crediton Milling in Devon are producers and suppliers of cattle and dairy feed and offer carefully researched ruminant, cattle, dairy and poultry feed advice. We supply a range of Dairy feeds and manufacture bespoke rations tailored to individual systems advised by our ruminant feed specialists. These feeds come in various forms; 3mm, 6mm and 14mm Pellets, Blends and Meals. Our specialists provide advice bespoke rations in various protein forms after a meeting and farm appraisal.


While Dairy Farmers continue the drive for higher yields our Feed Specialists are focused on helping to improve farm efficiency.

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