The benefits of improving Meat and Milk yields from forage are attractive, not only does it mean that we are getting more from a resource that we are already paying for, but has wider reaching implications on animal performance and exposure to market forces and ultimately profitability going forward.

The basic concept is;

The better the forage and forage management, the easier it is to get animals to perform.

Our goal is to provide you with the best advice and service to achieve this, ensuring that you consistently have the quantity and quality of forage to continue to improve animal performance.

CMC, Investing in Forage Management.
On the face of it our business has been built over the last 49 years by providing quality feed to the livestock industry. The real story is that it is the success of our customers that has enabled us to grow over this period, by challenging us to meet the changing demands of your businesses.

The focus on maximising home grown feed has always been an integral part to our message, but we have decided to take this further by creating a forage offering that can be tailored to your businesses. By creating partnerships with UK leading suppliers we hope to achieve our goal of “Feeding Tomorrows Farmers Today”

Crediton Milling in Devon are producers and suppliers of cattle and dairy feed and offer carefully researched forage advice and management.
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