Crediton Milling today

We are a family run, customer-led organisation focusing on quality, service and value for money. The business was founded in 1964 and is currently in its third generation of family ownership.

Traditional values

We believe in traditional trading relationships with our fantastic customer base, offered in a professional and efficient manner. We are blessed with an enthusiastic, hard-working team offering thought and commitment throughout the business. We maintain a continual investment in our mill, fleet and personnel and are proud to maintain one of the very few remaining independent feed mills.

It is easy to say that a company is customer-led, but in certain situations you need to reflect on what is right for the customer base and not necessarily right for your own efficiencies. We feel that to stand out against our competition we need to deliver what the customer wants, when they want it, NOT what we want to produce, when we want to deliver it.

Our aim for the future is to develop our on-farm team and logistical network to ensure that a holistic approach is offered, ensuring our customer base is profitable and successful moving forward.

We try to keep one step ahead of the industry by continually building relationships, both in supply and through customers, to enable us to have the correct and relevant information to be able to operate at our optimum level.

Over the past five years we have really tried to inform our customers with higher levels of data and information. We have tried to encourage customers to agricultural shows, conducted farmer meetings and farm walks, arranged young farmer and college visits around our mill and site, and converted an old storage room into a small conference room to enable us to conduct more farmer discussion groups working with both veterinary practices and other associated industry companies.

Hopefully our customers feel that we are looking forwards rather than backwards.

Our team

Within the industry we like to try to focus our energy on-farm and try to set ourselves apart from our competition by not just talking about it but doing it.

Our team ethic and self-motivated staff are always offering thought to our operation. We believe that if you employ a better standard of personnel then there is a much lower requirement for ‘middle-managing’, creating less buffers from customer to operation. Our staff are all trained internally and occasionally attend courses outside of the company. In our opinion, they are the best team in the industry in our region, and we are very proud of them all.

Our field team encompasses ruminant nutritionists, poultry specialists and forage advisors.

As a family run organisation, our aim is to hand the business over to the fourth generation in a healthy state and moving in the right direction. We have no exit strategy as a business and see the importance of ensuring that our customer base is profitable in the long-term. We will continue to invest in our business in a balanced fashion remembering our three key points of Quality, Service and Value for money.

Risk management is a very important element of the business and we spread purchases in order to never be too exposed to market volatility. By the very competitive nature of our industry, we have to be competitive. We respect our competition but feel that we are more focused, more able and have more of a desire to enhance our customers businesses through the service we offer

History of Crediton Milling

The “Old White Flour Mill” at Crediton served the needs of the neighbourhood, grinding flour for bread, and continued to do so until the development of sea-power brought in cheap wheat from abroad. Large mills were then erected in our main ports and gradually the smaller country mills went into decline.

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